No matter what size or shipping service you require, PSquared Packing Supplies LLC can accommodate your needs.  Our custom box service provide custom-sized box that we tailored to fit your product's shape and size. This eliminates the need for businesses to purchase standard-sized boxes and provides a cost-effective solution for shipping products of any size. Additionally, custom box services will also provide customizable inserts to protect products during shipping. We safely and  securely package any item you bring in to us. Artwork, returns, electronic equipment, medical equipment, odd sized items and more.

PSquared Packing Supplies LLC can customize a Heavy Duty Double Walled box to fit your item(s) perfectly to help keep your shipping cost down. In addition to saving money and time, using a custom box service can help businesses ensure that their products arrive safely to their destination. Custom boxes provide superior protection for products, making them less prone to damage in transit.  We handle the packaging and shipping so you can focus your time and energy on other time sensitive matters.

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Commissioned sculptures

Special boxing of glass top to a teak wood table



Special box needed for a electric scooter repair.
Car door replacement part shipment.


Shipping replacement BMW car seats


 Shipping Commissioned Framed Art Canvas.




Delicate Medical Equipment


Delicate Heavy Weight Medical Equipment


Custom Odd Sized Heavy Metal Mount 



 Incubator Was Packed With Foam And Then Double Boxed 

Mobility Scooter Return to manufacturer